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 How to clean WordPress database to improve site performance and speed?

If you've got been exploiting WordPress for a while, there's a decent probability that you just got to stop working your WordPress information

activity regular WordPress information base cleanups permit you to cut back the scale of the database which suggests quicker and smaller backup files are created.

during this article, we are going to show you clean up your WordPress database to extend the speed and performance of your WordPress site.

How to clean WordPress database in 2022

after you use WordPress, your database accumulates tons of additional data like reviews, spam, dangerous comments, data from plugins you now do not use, and more.

Removing all this spare information can considerably cut back the scale of your WordPress information that races the backup method and may add minor performance enhancements as well.

Let's take a glance at the way to stop working your WordPress database.

Before you begin, build a backup!

Before you are doing something else, initially produce an entire backup of your WordPress site.

Changes created by the WordPress database cleanup plugin are irreversible. though it doesn't directly tamper along with your posts or comments, it is always higher to be safe from mistakes.

Stop working your WordPress information with WP-Sweep

the primary factor you wish to try and do is install and activate the WP-Sweep plugin.

Upon activation, simply visit Tools » Sweep to scrub up your WordPress database.

This plugin can analyze your WordPress database and show you a report on what proportion muddle you'll be able to clean up.

The survey report is split into totally different sections for your posts, comments, user data, options, terms, and database optimization.

you'll be able to browse and clean things individually, otherwise you will scroll down to the all-time low of the page and click on sweep all to scrub everything in your WordPress database.

improvement might take your time betting on the scale of your database. WP-Sweep can show you the progress by changing the stats on the page.

WP-Sweep vs. WP-Optimize?

you may be questioning why we tend to compose WP-Sweep once there's a really common WP-Optimize plugin that will virtually be an equivalent thing.

Well, that' as a result of it had been coded by a well-respected WordPress developer, Lester Chan.

conjointly as a result of the most distinctive feature of WP-Sweep is that it uses as convenient WordPress delete functions as potential instead of running MySQL delete queries directly. Whereas the WP-Optimize plugin uses direct delete SQL queries which may leave unparented information behind.

In different words, WP-Sweep could be a better-encrypted plugin than WP-Optimize.

What data will WP-Sweep clean?

WP-Sweep uses all the right WordPress information improvement functions to scrub the database, it can scan the following:


motorcar Drafts

Deleted Comments

Unsupported comments

Spam Comments

unparented  meta post

dead isolated suspension

outline orphaned user

Unused terms

duplicate meta post

meta-comment duplicate

Duplicate user meta

momentary choices

Optimizes information tables

oEmbed caches during a meta post

Stop working your WordPress database with WP-Optimize

Install the WP-Optimize plugin and visit WP-Optimize → Database.

In WP-Optimize, you'll see the optimizations settings and schedules.

within the optimizations settings, you always need to delete everything except unapproved comments and post reviews.

 If you're okay with deleting unapproved comments (blog comments that haven't been approved yet) or post reviews (previous drafts that WordPress mechanically takes in any time you review a page or post), you'll be able to delete them too.

information improvement with Breeze

A plugin developed by Cloudways Hosting (it's awesome). It permits you to delete some necessary things in your database however doesn't permit you to optimize database tables, delete revealed metadata, comment metadata, or tables left by deleted plugins.

Commonly asked queries

That plugins are best for WordPress database cleaning?

WP-Sweep and WP-Optimize are smart WordPress database cleaning plugins. they will improve far more than machine-controlled plugins like WP Rocket.

The way to delete recent WordPress plugins tables?

WP-Optimize and Advanced information Cleaner has choices to delete tables left by old plugins. They show you which of the plugin the table belongs to with an uninstalled prompt and a take away however to.

Will WP Rocket clean your database?

WP Rocket cleans up a number of your database (post revisions, auto-drafts, transients, etc.) but doesn't delete the old plugin tables.

How typically must you clean your database?

Once per week should be enough for many sites. for giant, we tend to sites with tons of plugins, {you may|you'll|you can} need to scrub them up to additional frequently.

That's it, we hope this text helped you find out how to clean your WordPress information and helped you speed up your site! If you've got questions, leave a comment below, and I will come back to you as presently as possible.


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