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How to Get High Quality Backlinks for free in 2022


How to Get High Quality Backlinks for free in 2022

How backlinks work The answer to this question is very easy, High Quality Backlinks are valid if you get them naturally (from another website) without asking.

For example, other people are interested in promoting your site because it is considered interesting. Or you may want to exchange High Quality Backlinks with other sites.

Then he makes an article that contains the merits of your website and does not forget to provide a link, this is called High Quality Backlinks.

How do backlinks work?

Link building is developing a backlink to your website or content as the main thing in off-page SEO.

The source of link building does not come from a single site but rather from many websites such as social networking sites.

Who among us does not know Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram, but have you heard of a strong competitor to these sites?

I think you have not heard about it. Know what is chain application, the social networking application, and how to profit from it. It is a social platform that you can get a backlink on by publishing what you want.

But is the more the better? The answer is not necessarily, because Google always prioritizes quality over quantity.

It is pointless to get. 1000 backlinks but they come from low-quality sites, the best backlinks are only 30.

But they come from high-quality sites. The link building itself is divided into three types, namely:

Natural link building

That is, you are not building a link but getting it directly without being asked, but it is not easy to get this naturally.

But what you can do is make your website as good as possible so that other people sincerely include links from your content as a reliable source of information.

How do backlinks work through social media?

To be able to get it you have to contact several website owners to provide a link to your site.

This link building is arguably the easiest to do or the best for the site to get the best ranking and reputation on.

Google search engine You can ask to be a writer or guest article on this person's website and ask for permission.

To put a link on the article can also be a sponsor so they are willing to plant a link to your website.

Usually, when there is money everything goes smoothly.

Wrong link building!

Don't do this with the one-page SEO technique The reason is that if you get caught by Google.

Your website can be penalized and as a result of the penalty, the site's spam score will go up or even not appear again in Google searches.

This link building is meant to trick Google, so you shouldn't.

Share on social media

Sharing website links or articles on social media Of course you don't have to send spam to make it look more natural.

A search engine optimization (SEO) improvement. Off the page which is very easy to do is.

By sharing content on social media, you will know how readers will respond to your writing.

It may be because they are satisfied or frustrated with your writing.

Even starting from here you can get the natural backlinks even without asking, with a note.

Your content must be of good quality or at least your article will be shared by users.

Other social media so that traffic increases even if it is little.

Google Business

Not many know that you can use it. Google Business for off-page SEO, particularly in finding high quality backlinks.

There you can post a website link for free without having to pay.

Collaboration with online media

If you are having trouble getting backlinks naturally, catching the ball is the best thing you can do.

To improve your website's reputation you can work with online media.

When you've just hit a hit, collaborated, or held an event, you can create a press release to share with online media and create a backlink to your website.