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What are the plugins in WordPress?

WordPress plugins are the third essential element of making a WordPress, we have a tendency website. to know this component, we should quickly suffer the opposite 2 components, namely:

Best wordpress plugins in 2022

WordPress core files

It's the essential package of files that represent the infrastructure of any WordPress site, and it provides you the board to manage your site's content and everything in it, and this includes templates and plugins. 

For an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of WordPress, head over to the article what's WordPress.

WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme may be a bundle of files that employment along to tack together the interface of your site, and manage the design and feel of the positioning for users. 

to know WordPress themes, the way to select knowledgeable ones, how to install and activate them, and a listing of the best, head over to our WordPress example Guide article. 

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So, what are WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugin: it's a little package of interconnected files, that you'll mix together with your WordPress site files to get a selected feature, perform or feature on your site. 

In fact, WordPress itself comes with a lot of vital options and features every} website, however despite that there are some missing functions, that aren't found within the version of WordPress itself.


From here comes the role of plugins, as each of them performs a specific function for your site, which can't be achieved through the essential version of WordPress, or perhaps through the template. 

In fact, WordPress (the basic files) has been developed programmatically so that it permits the installation of special teams of program files (which are plugins), through that a lot of enhancements are often created and added a lot of options and features to WordPress sites. 

In short, WordPress plugins are terribly just like automobile accessories similar to the music player, air conditioner, shock balloon…etc. inline with this description, we can equate the essential WordPress files to the motor of the car, and therefore the WordPress theme to the external structure of the car. 

The WordPress plugin package comes during a compressed kind as one file that can be uploaded directly from your computer, and you'll conjointly install and activate plugins directly from the WordPress store. 

it's price noting that the WordPress plugin consists largely of 3 styles of files, specifically PHP, JS, CSS.

currently, let's study the foremost vital and indispensable WordPress plugins for any WordPress site, and that they are utterly free.

18 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your web site (Free Plugins)

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin

This plugin is taken into account the most important and most well-liked within the field of optimizing websites for programs or SEO.

it's several features, the foremost vital of that are:

It provides you a tool to form a map of your website and update it mechanically to boost locomotion from search engine spiders.

Through it, you'll live the standard of your article in terms of up the visitor's expertise in reading the article, because it gives you directions to formulate your article in an easy-to-read manner (such as writing short sentences and short paragraphs). 

Through it, you can measure the most important factors of SEO at intervals on the page in terms of title, description, link, image….etc.

it's a free and a paid version with additional features, and there are over five million sites that use it, and its users' rating is more than excellent.

Link: Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

you'll get proof of the Yoast plugin and the way to tack together it from our article on sensible SEO Practices for WordPress.

2. Contact kind 7 Plugin

This add-on provides you in straightforward steps the possession of contacting our kind on your website, through that any visitant to your site will send a message to the mail address you specify throughout the settings. 

In fact, the Contact America page is one of every of the foremost vital pages on any website. It represents the knowledgeable channel of communication between you and your site visitors, and thru it, you receive your visitors’ complaints and suggestions.

Link to feature Contact kind seven on WordPress

3. Autoptimize Plugin

up your site's performance and the loading speed are one of the most important factors for your site's success. website speed may be an important element, each for the visitant and for the search engines. This plugin improves the speed and performance of your site by group action js, CSS, and markup language files as well.

Link: Autoptimize WordPress Plugin

4. Smash Plugin

Another one of all the WordPress plugins that helps improve the speed of your site, however in another way, it compresses the image files of your site, which helps to hurry up the loading of the site. 

The good factor concerning this plugin is that it'll compress your website pictures while not moving their quality. It's employed by over 1,000,000 websites and contains a good rating and positive reviews.

Smash WordPress plugin link

5. WP-Optimize Plugin

WP-Optimize Plugin

This is often conjointly another add-on to improve the speed of your website, because it permits you to enhance your site's database, delete annoying comments from the database, and delete reviews of posts hold on the database. 

This in fact can improve the performance and speed of your site.

Here it ought to be noted that you simply should deal fastidiously with this add-on, and make a backup copy of your site before improving and up the database.

WP-Optimize WordPress Plugin Link

6. Updrafts WordPress Backup Plugin

Updrafts WordPress Backup Plugin

Who among America wants to waste his work for nothing? Through this add-on, your work won't be wasted as a result of any error, as a result of this add-on can enable you to form a backup of your site, and store it on one of all the storage platforms of your selection adore Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, and once needed, you'll be able to restore the backup with the clicking of a button. 

There are over three million active websites victimization it, and it's a wonderful rating.

Updrafts WordPress Backup Plugin for WordPress

7. XML Sitemaps

This is often a hosting that makes a specialty of making an expert web sitemap for search engines (especially Google) to urge the most effective archiving of your site. 

This extension will inform the search engines on every occasion you create a brand-new post, it's conjointly secure and contains a sensible name for nine years, and there are quite two million active sites victimization it. 

Add XML Sitemaps Link to WordPress

8. Wordfence Security Plugin

it's a defending tool that will protect your site from the risk of hacking, and it'll provide you with a datum through that you'll find out about the attacks that your website has been exposed to. 

Through this excellent add-on, you will conjointly defend your site from microorganism attacks spreading at a particular time, because of its firewall. There are pretty 4 million websites victimization this add-on.

Link to feature Wordfence Security to WordPress

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9. Advanced Editor Tools Plugin

Through this plugin, you'll get a lot of potentialities to change the texts on your website, adore the scale and sort of fonts, and plenty of different options that the WordPress platform doesn't offer primarily.


it's trustworthy by two million users and has a wonderful rating.

Advanced Editor Tools WordPress plugin link

10. WPS Hide Login Plugin

This add-on will provide you with the power to vary the login link to the WordPress electrical device for your site, this can defend your site from many microorganism attacks, will offer your website a lot of security, and keep you far away from hacking tries that you simply are also exposed to, whether or not from individuals or programs. 

WPS Hide Login WordPress Plugin Link

11. WooCommerce Plugin

this is often one of all the foremost vital WordPress plugins ever, however, it's not appropriate for all website owners, because it is meant for e-commerce sites. 

an excellent WordPress plugin through that you'll be able to produce an expert online store, through which you can sell your products. It's a genius solution for each e-commerce WordPress website owner.

WordPress WooCommerce Plugin Link

12. Ad Inserter Plugin

a wonderful addition to inserting Adsense ads on your site, and managing advertising banners on your site in general. Through it, you'll be able to place ad codes between the content of your site's articles, and there are several excellent choices with it, which can change you to position ads within the places you wish on your site. 

WordPress Ad Inserter Plugin Link

13. Classic Editor Plugin

The fifth version of WordPress (WordPress 5.0) came with a nice deal} of the latest options and features, and one in all these features is ever-changing the standard editor with a lot of advanced ones referred to as “Gutenberg”. 

In fact, though this new editor is more advanced and contains a lot of great features, not everybody felt comfy operating with it.

That's why the WordPress contributors themselves have developed the Classic Editor plugin, with that you'll be able to return to victimization the traditional editor.

Classic Editor WordPress plugin link

14. Kismet Spam Protection Plugin

a good addition developed by Automatic is devoted to commenting management, blocking spam comments with a great comment filtering system, and separating legitimate from spam.

Link to feature Kismet Spam Protection to WordPress

15. Redirection Plugin

Through this extension, you'll be able to convert terribly alone amongst one in every of} your website links to a different in a 301 way. it's very possible that you simply as a site owner can amendment a link to 1 of your site pages, during this case once a visitant to your site visits the link, he can reach a 404 error page. 

Through this add-on, you'll be able to convert everybody who visits the broken link to a different valid different link, or to the house page of the website.

WordPress Redirection Link

16. W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache Plugin

a good add-on to enhance the speed and performance of your site, and it contains a lot of advanced features. Through this add-on, you can improve the performance of your site wonderfully, however, this add-on wants great care in dealing, and you need to perceive each feature in it before activating it. 

W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin Link

17. AMP Plugin

regarding 3 and a 0.5 years ago, Google proclaimed the beginning of its “Accelerated Mobile Pages” project, which aims to enhance the speed {of websites of internet websites} for mobile visitors.

Through this add-on, you'll be able to get the AMP feature for your site, which can create your site load instantly.

Through this extension, Google itself saves a replica of your site's pages, and once one of your AMP-enabled pages seems in search results, this page can seem at once upon clicking on it. 

WordPress AMP Plugin Link

18. WordPress Shortcodes Plugin

This add-on very catches the end, because it will alter you to feature a great deal of howling components in your site’s content, appreciate adding a button, adding a column, adding a box, or a slider, and there are several different wonderful elements that you simply will increase your site’s content through this add-on. 

WordPress Shortcodes Plugin Link for WordPress

I can create this list be dozens of different plugins, however, I will be able to limit myself to the eighteen that I included, the vital issue here is that you simply have however you'll be able to opt for nice and safe plugins for your website. 

How to choose a WordPress plugin for your site

In general, there are 3 sources for obtaining WordPress plugins:

1. WordPress Official web site (Free Plugins)

The official WordPress website contains tens of thousands of free plugins, that you can install and activate directly through your WordPress dashboard (we will justify this intimately and with photos at the tip of the article).

2.  Addon Developer Sites (Paid Add-ons)

There is a lot of firms and people that concentrate on developing plugins, that they create available for purchase on their own sites.

it's price noting here that several free WordPress plugins have a paid version (which is additional distinctive, contains more advanced features, and is out there for purchase through their developers’ websites).

3.  in style specialized Stores (Paid Add-ons)

Some shops concentrate on mediating between WordPress plugin developers, who want to shop for it. Through these stores, you'll be able to buy no matter add-ons you would like and transfer them to your site.

one in every of the foremost celebrated of those is Envato Market' code canyon.

Here we've got to signify normally that paid WordPress plugins are the simplest possibility in several cases, as a result of they need options that will not be found in free plugins, and that they conjointly accompany a support service from the owner of the plugin, besides, they're typically additional quality.


however anyway, here are {a lottonsplentyheapsloadsa nice deal} of great free WordPress plugins that may do the task perfectly.

And within the section below, we are going to place for you a collection of criteria and points that will alter you to be able to distinguish between smart and unhealthy plugins, and by applying them you'll be able to get great WordPress plugins for your site. 

When choosing to add WordPress to your site, pay attention to these points

  • 1st ask yourself “Do I actually would like this WordPress plugin?” the purpose here isn't to install the WordPress plugin as a result of you thinking that it's great, however rather {you must you want to you would like to} install the plugins that your website actually needs. Here you don't need to burden your site with additional files that may create it slower to load.

  • perceive specifically what the ad provides browse the section describing what this add-on provides carefully, so you're cognizant whether or not this add-on provides what you truly need or not. browse the listing and see the screenshots on the extension page.

  • establish the date of the last update of the add-on. The rule of thumb is to forever check for recently updated plugins that are compatible with the newest version of WordPress.

  • recognize the number of active installations. Of course, the additional active installations there are, the more trusty the extension can be, and this means that it is a respectable addition.
  • Check the “Tested to” part. It refers to the plugin's compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress, after all, the more compatible the plugin is with the latest version of WordPress, the better. 

  • Check reviews. each WordPress plugin is rated by its users, {and then, therefore, and conjointly the} rating is from one to five stars. Of course, the high rating of the add-on means the satisfaction of its users, and this can be a sign of its quality and smart performance.

you'll be able to also click on the rating level you would like to examine the users' comments (for example, click on the one-star link to seek out the explanations why users rate them with just one star).

Now we are going to review along with a collection of basic WordPress plugins for each WordPress website. Here we've got selected for you a set of wonderful and reliable add-ons that you simply will use safely

How to install and activate WordPress plugins?

Once selecting the sort of WordPress plugin you want, it's time to install it. The installation method is incredibly simple, however here we should always note that you just need to deal rigorously with add-ons, and here are some points that we tend to advocate to avoid issues:

  • don't install a WordPress plugin for your website unless you actually would like it.
  • don't install quite one WordPress plugin to perform constant performance, putting in more than one plugin for the same function will cause problems for your site.
  • it's counseled to take a duplicate of your website files to keep a copy before you begin putting in a replacement extension, just in case of any drawback you'll return to the previous version. 

Here are the steps on the way to install and activate a new WordPress plugin:

1- Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

2- within the task column on the right, stand on the Add-ons item, then click Add New (shown in the image below). you may be taken to the plugin installation page, wherever you can install a plugin directly from WordPress, or transfer plugin files from your computer.

putting in a WordPress plugin

within the image higher than is that the installation page of a replacement WordPress plugin, and as shown in the image, there are 3 components indicated by the arrows, and this can be proof of the performance of every one of them:

1) Install currently button

 you may realize that every add-on is within a parallelogram, this rectangle contains a picture of the add-on, the title of the extension, and a definition of it, and you may discover the “Install Now” button, with the aid of using clicking on it, the extension is going to be placed in.

Of course, you'll} use the search parallelogram on the left facet at the highest to be able to access the extensions you specifically want.

Click the additional details button, to look at more details regarding the extension.

On the main points page, click the “ plugin page” link to enter the plugin page to use the standard standards, that were antecedently explained.

2) Activate button

once pressing the install button, the extension can be installed and an activation button will appear, and by clicking on it, the extension is going to be activated for your site. 

3) raise add

you may use this button within the event that you just wear your device add-on files that you have purchased, the add-on files will be in one compressed file (you will comprehend once buying an add-on, for example). 

By clicking on the transfer Add button, a window will receptive access the extension file on your computer, and so upload it.

From the WordPress plugin page, you'll conjointly transfer any free plugin on your device, and so you'll install it by uploading files from the device.

Note: WordPress plugins are perpetually updated, and once you move to the put-in plugins page, you may see a notification below the plugins that you just got to update.

To access the installed add-ons, hover over the Add-ons item within the Tasks column, then click put in Add-ons.

ahead of every post, you will realize atiny low square.

once you tick this box, you can activate, disable, update, or delete the add-on that you have marked next, by pressing the little arrow next to the word Execute the command at the highest of the page to the right, opt for the command you wish and so press the Apply