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How to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2022 (Dofollow)

 We can say that this is the comprehensive guide, for how to get a high-quality Do Follow backlink for your wealthy site, where we will know the importance of backlinks, with the correct way to get them and the ways that we do not recommend in the world of backlinks, so after reading this guide, You will not need any other sites, everything you need, we will work to provide in one article is enough to top the search results. 

What is the way to get a high-quality Do Follow backlink for your rich website?

How to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2022 (Dofollow)

1 - What is the importance of Do Follow Backlinks in improving my site's ranking?

As everyone knows a backlink is a link from a site in the same field, that link points to your site with the Do Follow tag that gives a signal to search spiders, the link on this keyword contains an important amount of information that we are talking about in that article, so If the article is successful, it will give great value to our site, and there are also No Follow links, but they are not important in our topic today, and I think that since you entered the field of backlinks, you should return to the “SEO course on a security site”, and I humbly tell you It is the most powerful course in the Arab and Western web, which shortens you hundreds or thousands of searches, so that everything has been put into one simple, short and very beautiful course. 

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As we saw above, backlink double is very significant in improving the ranking of our site, as it gives value to the content we provide, but we should not rush to build backlinks and go to sites that provide the service, but rather follow manual backlink building, and in fact you need To a strong one backlink is better than building a thousand without interest, and this is what we will learn in the Backlink Do follow course. 

2 - What is the number of backlinks needed to rank in search engines?

After the beginning of building a site, we must know how to obtain a Do Follow backlink, but what is the appropriate time to start researching it, of course, we must first focus on the SEO course that I referred to earlier, then we can search in the world of backlinks, we need content Good and very valuable, then we will need a certain number of visits, and here you have to differentiate between strong backlinks and social signals, social media networks are not considered backlinks, because they are public networks, but it remains a very strong factor, and it is almost as strong as  Link for Google, but when you get, say, 3000 visits to an article, and then 4 of them share the article on social networks, this is called social signals, not backlink, but if a certain site owner takes some of your words and mentions you as a source with a link Double This is a backlink for your site. 

And backlinks can be searched for from the first day of building your site, and it has no time or number, but we do not recommend taking many backlinks, but rather we have to learn how to build them correctly, as we will mention to you the incorrect ways to build backlinks, and in The latest update to Google said that what matters most to them is the content, no more and no less, and this is what I have been sharing with you for more than 5  By publishing distinctive content, you will get backlinks, shares, interaction and permanent visits to your site.

What is the best way to get a Do Follow Backlink?

I will repeat and repeat that it does not matter how many backlinks we will get, but what matters and only is that we got it in the right and proper way, and secondly that the backlinks that we got are strong and useful for my site, and thirdly that the backlinks are one of the minor things that are One of the ways to improve the ranking of my site, but it is not the only or the most important or basic, meaning that it is only an auxiliary factor and not a main condition, its presence in a strong way is helpful to us, but its absence does not mean anything happened with my site, and I may top the results with three or four bucks Only a strong link, or even with only one strong backlink, this is very enough if you are working in the appropriate field in the ways I taught you in the previous course. 

What I will do is that I will explain the proper ways to get a strong backlink, as for the rest of the methods that are not recommended, I will mention them in passing so that any content maker avoids them, and as I explained in the “SEO course on a security site”, this field requires patience and smart work But if you want to see results very quickly, I regret to tell you (j) that you (j) are working (yen) in the wrong.

As we said and repeated and repeated, this method is the correct one, and everything related to SEO takes a lot of time from you. I mean, if you see any explanation that says that you will get something in SEO very quickly, it is something that is not welcome in this world, but anyone who has A site has to do these steps, or at least it should know about it and learn it, you may need it one day, and all we do is get Google's trust or Google's RANK Brain.

1 - a way to get backlink double from high web price sites

this is often the oldest, and we have a tendency toll-known methodology among all the explained methods, and it's thought of terribly simple, however it's conditions to be good and applicable in getting a powerful backlink for the site, there are some ways to urge backlinks from sites with high net worth, however the primary factor we've got to think about is to appear permanently and robust sites in our field, and you'll be able to check the prosecuting officer and PA of the  That we talked about within the previous crossover through “checking the amni8 website”, if the domain of my site is humanoid games, or we have a tendency to say, for example, that I'm an expert for a selected game within the humanoid field, then I will be able to look for sites either in the same field as my game or in the field of humanoid games, and that I won't, I search in venture sites or the like, and that I will search with technology sites, for example, or those concerning the humanoid game that I'm specialized in. 

What I will be able to do later is written a writing consistent with the conditions I discussed within the previous course, here we'll work on SEO on a site save for our site, wherever the goal is to urge the biggest quantity of visits, and at a similar time get a lot of confidence from Google, in order that we will believe the location owner, for example, publishes a writing of a thousand words with one or 2 links Double, and therefore the article is also for a total of cash or for free, and this doesn't matter, but the foremost important factor is to publish your article on the second site. 

What SEO consultants advocate is to publish just one article thereon website, and that we will produce new articles in our field. The second site “the most cost-effective ten graphics cards”, and therefore the third site “the latest 10 graphics cards”, however on every occasion I work on the keyword that my site specialises in, for example, “the best site to decide on a graphics card + the name of my site”, thus I can publish completely different articles On different sites, but we don't recommend business quite one article on a similar site, and thus if we get three articles from giant sites in our field, this can be quite enough. 

We will conjointly Use another method, that is to travel to Google then look for (write with us + a keyword), or search for medium-renowned sites in your field that are wanting to shop for articles, therefore making a really skilled article for them, which contains the foremost Double link One to a site, however it should be chosen very carefully, and this will get on the one hand you printed a writing for a total of cash and on the one hand you bought a backlink for your site, and it's possible, Associate in Nursing exampleas an instanceto illustrateparentheticallylet's maybe}, if we have a tendency to enter an humanoid web site, we write a writing within which we focus plenty deal} on their site, or we specialize in it, for example On someone of medium fame from their site, also as till we get the acceptance of the article with the gorgeous benefit, and as we've got invariably said, we publish one article relating our site, in order that the link printed on the second site is of great.

within the end, we don't advise a lot to focus on rising sites in your field, some might say that they're good, however I don't advise that much, as a result of they are virtually not of nice importance to Google, and that they aren't of great importance to guests either, and people sites may shut when a brief amount It doesn't exceed the primary year of work, thus we have a tendency to do not advise you to focus with it too much. 

a pair of - Get Do Follow Backlinks from High-quality Throat Forums

Personally, I think about it one amongst the most effective and best ways in which to urge high-quality backlinks. All we've got to try to to is look for the famous forums, and as we all know the forums have many branches, you may undoubtedly find the acceptable section for the niche you're operating on, and here we've got to travel back To the beginning point, that is to put in writing distinctive and new content in your field, then move to the forum and make a membership, and move for a minimum of fifteen days within the forums and in your field specifically, and here you'll be able to add 2 ways:

 to visualize the queries and inquiries corner, then if you discover an unreciprocated query, or an incomplete answer, write a writing to resolve the matter that the person is asking about, and it's higher to put in writing an article consistent with the terms of the SEO, and answer it and tell him that the complete answer within the next article, therefore, that person can enter your article, and anyone who enters to inquire will realize your answer and enter the article, and there are several sites that concentrate on this field cherish Quora and Medium, or perhaps Arab forums 

The second methodology is that the best, however it's a lot of difficult. 

Here we tend to write a mini or semi-summary article from our original article, within the applicable section, of course, on the forum we wish to figure on. For example, we will place the link to our website on a definite keyword, and as an example you explained 'How to urge guests to your site from Reddit', all you have got to try to is being inventive and as we same we provide exclusive and delightful content, and therefore the reason we put this content is that we win over the admin of the section in the forum that the article we tend to conferred deserves to remain and so if there's a link on Keyword won't worry, however you'll get support and plenty of comments therein.

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As you have got seen, we will seek for robust forums, but on the condition that we don't place to several articles. The work isn't the abundance, but the mastery. For example, I can publish one lovely and powerful article on a forum, which can bring a lot of visits and therefore directly will provide confidence to the Google search engine within the link The one on the keyword, or rather the backlink that we tend to made, and that I explained a way to place a robust backlink in the same SEO course. 

Three - Get instant RSS backlinks for your top quality website

There are many services that facilitate America during this task, and therefore the most vital one of them is 'IFTTT on amni8', wherever the latter links the RSS of your site together with your account on constant site, at the same time you may provide it access to social networking sites or different sites that give the chance of adding it, Associate in Nursing everything that you just publish a piece takes an excerpt and publishes it with its link, that helps you archive articles terribly quickly. 

There's conjointly a 'Tumblr' service on the Agni site, the latter of which we want an account to link with the previous site, because it provides America what appears like a web log that's supported the initial site' RSS feed, and therefore helps you to urge a clean and robust backlink, and don't forget The celebrated service 'Pocket on amni8' or 'instapaper', the latter depends on one thing we tend to mention anytime that is that the content, wherever Google search spiders facilitate to understand the content of recent sites, and therefore compare them so push the most effective pages to the search results the primary is on Google, and there are several different sites that do one thing the same as these tasks, and each time new sites seem with us. 

four - a way to build a backlink from social networking sites

As we tend to explained previously, what we get from social networking sites isn't backlinks within the first place, however it remains one amongst the strongest SEO factors, and it has received the name Social Signals, and everything that was high is everything that quickly climbed on search engines, and that we will think about it the sole issue that helps America attain SEO terribly quickly (which contradicts my previous theory), however in any case don't look forward to things to be that easy, what we are trying to find is for folks to share the article through social networking links, which means either you give them with buttons to share the article quickly On Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others, or they themselves copy the link of the article and publish it on social media (this may be a rare matter). 

I had antecedently explained the importance of social networking sites in achieving the advantages of the positioning, and this is often within the course “The Best and Most Powerful half-dozen ways in which to urge Traffic to Your Site”, however as you may see in the course, we tend to failed to think about them as backlinks, but rather as sources of traffic and visits to our site, and in fact it's troublesome to bring traffic to the site through these sites, but it is not not possible if you have got achieved enough fame to try to to so.  At constant time, it's troublesome to win over the traveler to share the article on social networking websites, however if he does, this can be of nice profit to you, and within the previous article, we tend to had explained all concerning this, and the way to figure with Pinterest, linkedin, Quora, Instagram and Facebook.

the matter is that Google now not likes considerably guests who return from social networking sites, which means if you promote a replacement site on Facebook, Google doesn't think about this class of visitors, solely a medium-quality category of traffic, but if you get traffic from Pinterest and linkedin and Quora, it's terribly nice, however what Google focuses on is social signals. You promote it on social media.

5 - Build a Do Follow Backlink of Domains with High Throat

As we tend to know, there are several website house owners who might pack up on them, or some website owners who build the error of forgetting to renew the domain and lose it, however we don't care why the domain has reached the purpose of validity and non-renewal, after all through quite On a website, we are able to check an inventory of many thousands of domains that are valid for purchase, all we've to try to is check them on the previous site to ascertain their prosecuting officer and PA, and after all we tend to see their worth and every one the options that I explained to you within the previous SEO 

For example, we are able to use the Dollop website, once you enter this straightforward site and that I don't say that it's the sole one in the field, however we needed to require it as an example, no a lot of and no less, currently by simply coming into the interface of those sites you may realize an extended list of domains that are getting ready to expiring among every week or less, and there are domains that have expired for a brief or long amount of time, and there are some conditions that I set in step with my expertise within the field:

 the rationale for the positioning owner abandoning the previous domain is also because of reasons that it's not valid. That's why I told you that the domain ought to be checked we tend toll before shopping for it.

The second issue we are trying to find is that the domain has a similar keyword that I work with.

That the domain has worked on the same niche, or higher yet, on the same micro-niche that I'm presently operating on, and to ascertain the form of the positioning antecedent and maybe even a number of its articles, you'll have the prospect and luck finding it once checking it on the 'waybackMachine on amni8' All you have got to try to to is place the domain and click on on BROWSE HISTORY, and therefore, as we tend to said, we should find that that site is active within the same field as 

Domains must have indexed pages on the Google search engine.

you ought to forever move to the SEM Traffic box, wherever we discover traffic on this domain.

it's higher if the prosecuting officer is higher than 21.

i used to be explaining the thanks to get eliminate unwanted backlinks, and it absolutely was an exclusive rationalization on {the we tend tobthe onlinethe net} wherever the service is obtainable for five hundred or maybe 2000 dollars, and it is a similar approach to envision the backlinks of the domain we wish to buy, and here is 'How to check backlinks for the domain on AMNI8' . 

once shopping for a domain, it should be over 2 years old.

there's an honest way through a program that we explained in 'Best SEO Tools on AMNI', that is that the paid site AHREFS, and this can be not a promotion or anything, you'll be able to get from many forums every week of subscription to the program for under three or four dollars, and once coming into the positioning searches for the domain, which should meet the previous conditions, of course, and also the site could be a sensible option, which is coupled domain.  once you place the keyword, it shows you the sites that have a relationship with the key word, akin to Phones, giving U.S.A. good sites that have high confidence from the service, Then we all know the Do-Follow option, currently mark all the out there domains by creating copies of them, and once you have got collected an outsized range of domains that enjoyed you, here we tend to are trying to find the most effective domain, now as I explained within the backlink analysis lesson, we use the “ranks” site, wherever it'll analyze all the domains at once, therefore it will provide us a check on the authority and also the domains available for reservation, after all, and in the end, select the foremost appropriate domain for you, and of course I like the free method, however you'll be able to think about this paid site, that facilitates the search and choice method a lot of simply , so we tend to finally get HI GHT expired DOMAIN is accessible for reservation, then you'll be able to do the redirection and acquire a high-quality dovo backlink. 

vi - Backlink Dovolo created a high web price of advertising banners

within the 1st point, I justifyed to you ways to urge backlinks from articles, don't forget that we aforesaid that we've to get a backlink from one in every of those sites, however what we are going to explain now could be the way to get backlinks from an advertising banner, and as we all know most sites sell areas Advertising, and that i needed to depart this last purpose as a result of it's expensive, however once you search well within the micro-services sites, you may realize what number sites supply to publish AN advertising bank on their site, reciprocally they take an exact quantity in step with the fundamental quantity within which the banner is published.

We don't would like a really giant banner as a result of we tend to do not need a very large traffic, however we do ought to realize the proper site, which is that the tough thing!  Of course, this site meets the conditions of the primary and fifth method, we've to ascertain the domain, and here we have another condition! It's for the positioning to figure on a micro-niche from our site, whether we are working, for example, on the automaton field, we have to publish the banner on a site that focuses on automaton or on a micro-niche that's automaton applications or games, as long as the domain is clean and incorporates a high prosecuting attorney and PA over 18. 

Currently you'll take the subsequent code 'ad banner on amni8' or cash in of the lesson 'how to create an advertising banner', the options of the code are that it makes the link double, which supplies you a robust backlink, there's an area to place the image and a place to put the link to your site, and a place to put the keyword the most one that you simply are operating on, of course, and that I gave you the code 250*250, and you'll solely amendment the numbers per your desire, however I realize this the foremost applicable size, as we'll raise the owner of the web site, to create the banner seem at intervals the subject pages or on the sidebar according to your budget, but though it's placed Sidebar ought to tell him to make it appear only on topic pages, so on till we tend to get a really pure.

seven - Building a backlink to your site via Scholarship

one amongst the strange ways in which and regarded one of the most difficult, is that the scholarship method, wherever several on-line sites provide scholarships to varied students round the world, and in fact you'll cash in of those grants to get a great deal of services, however what does one deem old-time the backlink dofollow from a high we tend toalth scholarship site, what we'll do is write a piece of writing and send it to the university’s website, in order that they show the article on the scholarships page and so we get a robust backlink, and of course real students don't care about causation these articles, therefore we created an article that will build USA get The backlink is powerful and good, however we've to review matters seriously, and it's not appropriate for all niches, 

Of course, this methodology is just valid with English-language web sites, and only and virtually just for instructional sites that got to do with the sectors tutored in universities, and therefore the very first thing we tend to do is write a piece of writing a few Scholarship Program, concerning the field during which we work on our site For example, if you're the owner of a technology site, i will be able to naturally hunt for a scholarship within the field of programming, and if i'm the owner of a recipes site, i will be able to search in change of state institutes if there are scholarships in them, and what we tend to do is write a piece of writing per the foundations of SEO, and here may be a easy example concerning the 'Scholarship Application Page', however it' not pretty much as good as I explained in the SEO lessons, therefore I'm positive the scholars of our course will do higher than what I showed you in the last example. 

consequent step we take is to form an expert domain for the scholarship, and each web site owner can get an expert email, for example, we tend to produce an email [email protected] com, and after you send a message to the university’s page, they'll see nice believability and confidence in what we offer, and don't forget our expertness in delivering the message to them, and therefore the next step is to go looking for the sites that we'll correspond with, and you'll search in Google for these tags:

  • college intitle:scholarships
  • university intitle:scholarships
  • trade school intitle:scholarships
  • high school intitle:scholarships

you'll amendment per what you would like to search for within the keywords, in fact, currently that a lot of instructional we tend tobsites attached with universities, schools and secondary schools have appeared, what we do may be a fast examination of them, as we explained from the start of this course, and when we discover the acceptable sites which will work Therefore, we extract their e-mail, or attend the page through that we will communicate with them, and of course the which means of this message is to publish the scholarship page on our website, and you'll send it a 'cholarship message', and modify it to suit the scholarship that you simply want you would like to indicate it to the scholars of their university or college, what you furthermore mght do is amendment the year and therefore the monetary worth of the scholarship that may be provided freed from charge to students, with the link to the page for the scholarship printed on your site, in fact we send them thereupon skilled email that we created from the beginning, and that we will get a response at intervals a amount less than 3 days, and of course they'll reply to you that they will publish the link to your article on the scholarship page on their website, and as you'll see it's a simple and easy method within the end, and that i created the proper alternative for those schools and checked their domains with applicable form, you may get a really robust backlink, and confirm they denote it Dovo, not Nofollow.